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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Along Wahid Weddings (1)

Location: Pasir Mas, Kelantan.


(Thursday-27/05/2010): Start the long journey at 3.00pm (juz estimate) Melaka - Kuala Krai(my hometown).

(Friday-28/05/2010): Continue journey to Pasir Mas with my family side. At night after Isyak 'akad nikah' ceremony.

(Saturday-29/05/2010): Afternoon continue weddings ceremony 'sanding' and maybe before night going back to melaka.

*This timetable only estimate, will update with the true story soon..

I'll be back..



Firstly congrate to myself becoz atlast success to create my own blog..

Please guide me if i'm wrong especially in english grammer..

I try to improve my english day a days..

Many thanks to my hubby coz always being my supporters..

See you next..